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Learn how Meltwater uses TV screens in their offices to build company culture and support ongoing employee training.

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How Meltwater Uses Enplug

Meltwater is a media company with 1,200 employees across 53 offices worldwide.

When the Meltwater team wanted to build closer connections between their teams, they chose Enplug.
Here's some of the content you'll see on Enplug screens across their offices:

Instagram Photo Wall: Global employees' social media posts, along with local office events, weekend activities, and birthdays.
Graphics: Ongoing training for employees, fun team photos, upcoming feature previews, and staff recognition.
News: The latest posts from Meltwater's blog to inform employees about updates they can share with clients.
Webpage: Live metrics and performance dashboards to drive results and build internal transparency.

Meltwater's internal communications team uses Enplug to enable content on screens across global regions.

Employees at each Meltwater location can add local content to their screens without involving the IT team.

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"Enplug has helped our teams to feel better connected with what is happening at Meltwater outside of our own offices. We have content streaming from HQ as well as Instagram feeds where we can see photos from other employees around the world."
Saya Suetsugu, Marketing & Communications, Meltwater Japan