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Manage Screens Everywhere

Smart Content Scheduling

Never worry about blank screens or repeated content. Set how often each app should play and Enplug's technology takes care of the rest.

Want more? Each app also gives you advanced control over when and where your content will display.

Live Content Preview

Make sure that your displays look great from wherever you are. Set up your content in the Enplug Dashboard and preview what's playing on any of your displays.

Device Monitoring

See the status of all your devices at a glance. Check internet connectivity and take screenshots of what's playing on any screen. 

More advanced monitoring is available on our Network package.

Automatic Filtering

Our social media apps automatically filter live posts for negative content or profanity before they appear on your displays. Manual approval is also available.

Enplug digital signage automatic filtering

World-Class Security

Enplug's platform is built with top-of-the line security in mind. We use Amazon's secure cloud servers and SSL data encryption. User audit logs are stored and available on request.

Enplug also supports Single Sign On and Two Factor Authentication for added account security.

Rockstar Support

Our Support team helps with troubleshooting and improves our products based on your feedback.

The Support Center provides a comprehensive library of helpful tips, tricks, and tutorials to help you tackle any issues that may pop up.

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