Enplug for Employee Communications

Enplug’s technology is a visual communications solution for any business, from a small firm looking to enhance their marketing to a global organization that needs to communicate with employees across multiple offices.

This case study explores why and how Meltwater uses Enplug throughout their 50 global offices for enterprise internal communications.
Meltwater and Enplug Logos

About Meltwater

Meltwater is a global media company with 1,200 employees across 53 offices.

Their company culture is based on three core values: having fun, striving to be Number One, and treating colleagues and customers with respect.

Why Meltwater Chose Enplug

the task

Belén Alemán, Internal Communications & Culture Manager for Meltwater, was looking for a fun and visual way of connecting employees across Meltwater's offices.

the reason

According to Alemán, "It’s important for all employees to feel included in what’s happening around the company and be able to see these updates in real-time. Ideally, I wanted to be able to promote our culture and values, our external blog, and also showcase important company and sales metrics."

the solution

Alemán chose Enplug because it is "cost effective, easy to install and manage, ships all over the world, and adapts to different network requirements and display types."

How Meltwater Uses Enplug

Walk into a Meltwater office anywhere in the world, and you're likely to see screens that act as a portal to Meltwater's other locations. Meltwater uses several Enplug Apps to connect their offices using displays.

Instagram Photo Wall: Employees' social posts with local office events, weekend activities, and birthdays.
Graphics: Fun team photos, upcoming feature video previews, and recognizing accomplishments.
News: The latest posts from Meltwater's blog inform employees about updates they can share with clients.
Webpage: Live metrics and performance dashboards to drive results and build internal transparency.

Alemán manages most of the content across Meltwater's network of displays, but at least one employee at each location can add local content to their screens. With Enplug's tagging features, it's simple to send content to any region or group of displays.


"Enplug has helped our teams to feel better connected with what is happening at Meltwater outside of our own offices. We have content streaming from HQ as well as Instagram feeds where we can see photos from other employees around the world."
Saya Suetsugu, Marketing & Communications Team in Japan
Meltwater offices with Enplug display showing performance

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