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These apps are some of the exciting ideas on our roadmap for the next several years.
Let us know which apps you'd like to see first!
Let your teammates’ voices be heard and smart ideas for your company rise to the top with the Aha! app for digital signage. See activity from anywhere in your office.
Get the latest news from around the world with Al Jazeera on your display. You’ll never miss out on what’s going on everywhere from Bulgaria to Brazil.
Al Jazeera
Stream any customized videos or slideshows from your Animoto account onto your displays.
Bring your team collaboration to the TV with Asana for digital signage. Keep track of tasks, projects, deadlines and communication from anywhere in your office.
Create beautiful photos with Aviary’s Photo Editor and share them on displays in your business.
Display your discussions, to-dos, and milestones from any Basecamp projects on screens in your office.
Showcase real-time data, news, and analytics from your Bloomberg Terminal account onto displays in your office.
Bloomberg Intelligence
Display a live feed of transaction and billing dashboards on screens in your office.
Get your fix of memes, GIFs and listicles anywhere with BuzzFeed for your TV. All the latest and trending headlines in real-time on your display.
Show the latest messages from your Campfire group chats on any display.
Get insights on the attention economy with analytics on your display. Publishers, brands and agencies can keep their team on track with Chartbeat’s metrics dashboard.
Showcase notifications on any display in your business, triggered by your Clover POS system.
Clover POS
Show a live conference room availability schedule on any display in your office.
Conference Room Booking
Get organized with team collaboration software for your display. With Confluence for digital signage, you can stay on track.
View stories from your favorite business magazine with the Entrepreneur app for Enplug. With the app, you can see the latest exclusive interview and top 50 lists right on your screen.
Get the latest sports updates from the sports world on your TV. With ESPN app for Enplug, you’ll always know the score and game highlights.
Promote your upcoming created events on any TV or display.
Keep tabs on your notes and to-do’s by displaying Evernote on your screen.
Show off gorgeous, hi-res images from Flickr with your display. Images will pop off the screen and catch the eyes of anyone who happens to be walking by.
Showcase beautiful content from a number of publications on countless subjects right on your display.
Stayed connected to the latest news from Forbes with the app for digital signage. Get up-to-the-minute headlines and social posts without ever missing a beat.
Show dashboards for your invoices and expenses on displays in your office.
Review and collaborate on code using displays your whole engineering team can see.
Display GoodData dashboards on TVs in your office.
Showcase your Google Analytics dashboards on screens in the office to show data on who’s visiting your website and from where. Customize your dashboards and display real-time or date-specific metrics.
Google Analytics
Display Google Docs files on TVs and screens in your office.
Google Docs
Keep an eye on stock market trends and your portfolio using the Google Finance app. You’ll always know where the market is headed with real-time views of world markets, current trends, portfolio updates, and more!
Google Finance
Get social and connect your company’s Google+ profile to your digital signage. See all your latest updates on any TV.
Google Plus
Showcase your latest Google reviews on displays in your business.
Google Reviews
Display Google Sheets on TVs and Screens in your office.
Google Sheets
Take your team collaboration to the next level with HipChat on your display. With real-time conversations on your digital signage you can keep everyone up-to-date.
Keep your sales team focused on the goal and get better results by showcasing Hubspot insights and reports on your display.
Display uploaded Imgur images from your account on any TV or screen.
See updates from one of the premier business magazines with the Inc. app. With the live feed on your display, you’ll always be the first to know who’s making headlines in the biz world.
Inc. Magazine
Stay up-to-speed on projects, issues and bugs with Jira on your display. Mitigate your ticketing system’s monitoring process.
Learn about your web visitors and customers by showing all of your key marketing performance analytics on displays in your office.
Tap into your network and get LinkedIn for digital signage. Stay connected and up-to-date on industry news and all your connections.
Track your newsletter’s engagement and success with MailChimp for digital signage.
Show the latest stories and posts from Mashable on any TV or display.
Upload and display your Microsoft Excel documents on any TV or display.
Microsoft Excel
Upload and display your Microsoft Word documents on any TV or display.
Microsoft Word
Show results from your favorite SEO marketing software Moz on-screen and keep your team informed of its performance and rankings.
Get full-stack application monitoring and visibility on your digital signage display, allowing your team to keep tabs on your most important performance metrics with tools.
New Relic
Stay informed of the news from your go-to source, now on your TV. Use the New York Times app to catch up on the latest in politics, opinion and more.
New York Times
Display a live feed of your restaurant’s reservations and reviews from OpenTable on any TV.
Open Table
Read the latest happenings in Silicon Valley with the PandoDaily app for digital signage. Never miss an IPO or major product release again, now that you’ll see every new and trending headline on your display.
Keep your engineering team up-to-date on any issues with your server or website with Pingdom. By displaying alerts on your TV, any problems that arise will be seen instantly, meaning less downtime.
Get inspired with Pinterest for digital signage. Beautify your office or studio and motivate your team.
Sharing your beautiful presentations on any display in office, meeting, or conference has never been easier.
Show reports and analytics from your Quickbooks account on any TV or display in your office.
Get all the answers with Quora on your display. Keep tabs on important and fascinating topics.
Ensure subscription billing success with Recurly on your display. Showcase your company’s most important subscription metrics.
Get your niche on with Reddit for digital signage. Never miss a post by displaying your favorite subreddits, trending topics, and AMAs.
Project management comes to your digital signage. Show graphs that track your engineering team’s productivity with metrics and markers.
Display the latest stock market news, insights, and analysis on TVs in your office.
Showcase your key email performance metrics on displays in your office.
Display Shopify’s e-commerce software right on your office TV for updates from your customers. Keep tabs on orders and logistics.
Get up-to-speed on the latest traffic reports with SigAlert. Never take the wrong route again.
The greatest team communication tool for mobile and desktop—now available for your TV screen. Connect your teammates using displays throughout the office and stay up-to-date.
Get your favorite tunes and playlists from SoundCloud on your display.
Get your Spotify music account synced with your business’ displays.
Show a live feed of processed payments on displays in your office.
Is your business a democracy? Take a vote with SurveyMonkey and display it on your screens.
Showcase the latest news and updates in the tech world from TechCrunch on displays in your business.
Monitor projects and deadlines from anywhere when you bring Trello to your TV screen.
Follow your favorite Tumblr sites from anywhere in your office with the Tumblr app for digital signage.
Get to your destination with style and ease using the Uber app. By using it for your digital signage, you’ll be able to display nearby drivers, estimated times of arrival, and surge pricing updates.
Get the latest news in business and finance right on your screen. Keep up-to-date on trends in technology, the economy, politics, real estate and the stock market.
Wall Street Journal
Display website comments and data on screens in your office.
Display the latest financial news and data on screens in your office.
Yahoo Finance
Stay organized with business collaboration software for your team, right on the screen.
Be more efficient with bug fixes and get YouTrack for digital signage. With this app, your team will be able to monitor issues closely and fix them as they arise.
Stay in tune with your customers’ needs by displaying Zendesk in your office. Keep tabs on your support channels and show key metrics.

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