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Enplug's Company Culture Cookbook is here!

Includes 33 can't fail recipes for a happy team
"Great culture is when people look forward to going to work and look forward to spending time with coworkers outside of work. It is a culture of empowerment and respect. It’s responsibility and passion for the business. Culture can't be an afterthought. It permeates all aspects of the startup early on and later in the company."
Alex Iskold, Managing Director
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The most comprehensive team culture guide is here. As your company continues to grow, keeping your team happy and productive can become a major challenge. Luckily, we dug deep to find the 33 best (and most creative) ideas that every successful manager needs to consider for implementing into their culture strategy.

In this eBook, you'll learn:

  1. Ideas for how to make your team happier and improve your culture
  2. Ready-to-use templates for your own culture strategy
  3. Exclusive interviews with industry leaders including the founders and executives of Waze, Vizio, Rotten Tomatoes, Buffer, and more

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Enplug is the operating system for displays in businesses, transforming any office display into an internal marketing and communication tool. Companies can display team engaging content like social media walls, sales dashboards, and industry news.

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